WFPL/League of Women Voters/WAVE TV independent candidate forum.
Full audio below. Shorthand: listen to minutes beginning with 7:21, 14:24, 17:26, 21:40, 31:40, 35:35, 39:36, 43:30, 49:52. 

Read the CJ Voter Guide (below). The other candidates lack vision.
Q: Why are you the most qualified candidate running for this office?
A: I have the vision and commitment required to face climate change, the dominating issue of this century. All other issues are complicated by/subordinate to climate instability. The poor, the marginalized and youth will suffer the most if we do not slow climate change.
Q: If elected, what would be your top priority?
A: Re-creating Louisville as the most sustainable city in North America by attracting and stimulating economic development with major solar energy investments and re-prioritizing urban transportation resulting in an urban and West and South End redevelopment boom, rejuvenating neighborhoods, creating jobs, businesses and more affordable housing. Our website defines “sustainable city.”

WLKY TV – 22 Oct 2018

“…  as Jackie Green will tell you, he’s the only one in the race with a real vision for the future. Jackie’s focus is on climate change and how we can actually do something about it around here.” (Rick Redding, Rusty Satellite Show, 17 October 2018)
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WFPL: on split mayoral forum

More local reporting on censorship.
Darcy Costello’s report in the Courier Journal (link below) states well the issue of censorship surrounding the League of Women Voters mayoral forum/s. That censorship must be addressed, but my focus is on Greg Fischer’s failures and the inconsistencies between his statements and his policies. Those failures and inconsistencies deserve a public forum. My vision of reshaping Louisville as the most sustainable city in North America also deserves a public discussion. Greg Fischer has a mantra, “jobs, jobs, jobs” (the Courier Journal has documented the weakness of his economic efforts). But he has no vision of how Louisville will face the challenges of climate change. As climate change alters the economies of the world, the nation, the state and of Louisville, Fischer’s “jobs, jobs, jobs” will evaporate. Greg Fischer is not preparing Louisville to face a low carbon economy. He hides behind his Office of Sustainability and his Chief Resilience Officer without equipping the city to reduce our contribution to climate change. His ‘climate change mitigation’ skirts the need to minimize climate change. Louisville must play a leadership role, leading other cities in slowing climate change. The LWV forum must not be allowed to censor this public discussion by giving Greg Fischer prime time audience as the voice that addresses our most critical issue, climate change, is swept off-line.

The League of Women Voters joins the Louisville Women’s Coalition in shutting out the only mayoral candidate whose ‘sustainability’ voice speaks to the future of our children and grandchildren; the only voice committed to nurturing Earth, and all of us who live on her; the only voice reminding us that Mother Nature neither negotiates nor compromises; the only voice, adamant and confrontive when truth demands, full of feminine compassion.

The Louisville Women’s Coalition, after women fought for generations for the vote and a voice, locked the only alternative voice out of the mayoral debate. Jackie Green, having been refused even an un-mic’ed chair in the corner, showed up and was shown the door.  Outside the doors of the University Club he spoke with the Courier-Journal’s Phillip Bailey and WAVE’s Andreina Centlivre

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