Jackie Green – Independent Mayoral Candidate Creating a Sustainable Louisville

"Whether we and our politicians know it or not, Nature is party to all our deals and decisions, and she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do." Wendell Berry

City policies regarding global climate change will dictate our success or failure

Jackie Green for Mayor

Jackie Green invites citizens, families, businesses, organizations and metro council to recreate Louisville as one of the top ten most sustainable cities on earth. This invitation is extended not only to our citizens and businesses, but also to those from out of town who want to participate in recreating Louisville.

The 2018 race for mayor of Louisville is not about Democrats (D) or Republicans (R). It is about Louisville’s role in a changing world. The effects of global climate change will dominate this century. Climate change will complicate nearly every problem we currently face. The Ds and Rs must present mayoral candidates ready to face this reality, not with public relations statements, not with incremental programs, not with perpetual study, not with interminable data collection, not with a parade of hired consultants, but with immediate, system-changing action. Independent mayoral candidate Jackie Green has proven his commitment, understanding and readiness to lead Louisville in taking the action required to meet the challenges of the changing world.

Voters deserve a mayoral candidate in the November general election (2018) ready to face global climate change. Should the D or R primary elections produce such a candidate, independent candidate Jackie Green will throw his support and endorsement to the best of the two. Should the Ds or Rs fail to produce a mayoral candidate ready to face global climate change, independent candidate Jackie Green will take this campaign all the way to the November general election.

!!! Voters !!! In the meantime, make sure you are registered to vote in the primary with the party of your choice!


RallyMFJackieJackie Green addressing the Rally to Move Forward, 2017

The Other Candidates

Angela Leet (R)
…  (-)  https://www.angelaleet.com/  – not a word about climate change
…  (-) platform is largely a ‘law and order’ blame game
…  (+) opposes Brownsboro location for VA Hospital
…  (+) questions poorly designed/maintained urban bike lanes

Ryan Fenwick (D)
… https://www.facebook.com/pg/RyanFenwickForMayor/issues/?tab=Most%2BRecent
…  (+) prioritizes climate change
…  (+) prioritizes sanctuary
…  (+) prioritizes public transit

Greg Fischer (D)

… operates behind closed doors with secret committees
… does not join other mayors in boycotting Trump meeting
… has failed to address the fact that Jefferson County gets back 50 cents on the dollar from our contributions to KY’s General Fund
… ignores land use and transportation basics resulting in Louisville making the “federal government’s dirty air list” (Louisville area drives 33,000,000 miles daily).
… continues to wait on K&I to make the first move in opening the K&I bridge.   https://insiderlouisville.com/metro/tale-two-bridges/  
… convened legally questionable meeting with Metro Council Dems, surprising them by asking them to sign a loyalty oath, pledging support for his bid for third term,
… failed to establish an officially sanctioned camp ground before tearing down unofficial homeless encampments
… was described by Joe Gerth of the Courier Journal, regarding the sexual misconduct of  metro council member, : “mealy mouthed,… oh-so-cautious Fischer… desperately trying not to say what needed to be said…  said what he says best. Nothing. Fischer is weak.”
…failed to show leadership in demanding an urban VA Hospital
…idly watches as Indianapolis plans 26 miles of light rail
… and his Air Pollution Control District sold out the neighbors to American Synthetic Rubber. by allowing ASR to more than triple the cancer risk for 1,3 butadiene coming from fugitive emissions – no surprise as he and APCD allow clouds of dust to rise from major construction sites and concrete companies
…allowed KY Transportation Cabinet’s continued imposition of one way streeta
…permits LMPD car chases
…refused to join other mayors in calling on the EPA to set stricter smog standards
…killed the local $200 million Museum Plaza plan by the West End Boys LLC
…supported the Wal-Mart plan that violated community standards
…did not give credit to those who opposed Wal-Mart making way for Passport Health’s community respecting re-development
…planned the Dixie Highway Bus Rapid Transit which is designed to fail
…failed to secure adequate funds for Waterfront Park from KY
… as Louisville rates 115th on Healthiest US Cities List, makes mayoral proclamations such as “Big Red Day” (a sugary drink in disposable containers with a huge transportation footprint made by a company based out of Austin TX)
…supported the new bridges and their dubious financial plan
…failed to support a regional public transit system in lieu of the bridges
…has not improved TARC
…has not limited urban heat and flood producing surface parking lots, resulting Louisville’s disgraceful national leadership in increasing urban heat
…permitted annual loss of 54,000 trees to land speculators, car wrecks and urban heat
…has not created the needed tree ordinance
…sold airspace over Olmsted-designed Seneca Park to Bowman Field without consulting Metro Council
…has not pushed KY to return to Louisville more of the taxes that originated in Louisville
…has not resisted KY interfering with Louisville on a variety of issues (gun control, tree canopy/billboards, one way streets, education, LGBT, women’s health, imposing rural standards on urban streets, etc.)
…failed to demand our veterans be restored to health before allowing the recruitment of more of our youth
…has not taken in
itiative in leading a Louisville, Nashville, St Louis, Indianapolis, Cincinnati effort to secure passenger rail from Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, Kansas City/Denver
…has not challenged the 33 million miles driven daily in the area
…talks of ‘compassion’ but avoids the word ‘sanctuary’
…did not join the courageous mayors who resisted the overstepping of presidential power
…has not revived a light rail plan
…has not calmed traffic, resulting in record traffic deaths
…gave too much of Louisville’s treasury to OMNI
…allowed OMNI to destroy irreplaceable Louisville historic architecture
…has failed to create a green, clean, safe Louisville that attracts 21st century businesses
…has not challenged land speculation projects (Urton Lane, opening Oxmoor Farms)
…has not reduced disposables headed to landfill
…has not installed substantive solar panels on city properties
…has not stopped use of herbicides and pesticides on city properties
…has relied on manipulation of public image rather than real change
…has made no progress on greenhouse gas reduction
…has been ineffective in reducing homelessness
has neglected to address the sources of fine particulate matter
has gutted the smart growth aspects of Planning and Zoning
has failed to reduce our community’s dependence on fossil fuels
has promoted sprawl to the east end and southern Indiana
has relied too heavily on ‘the market’ to address problems
as not taken measures to keep clean the commons
s usurped the commons to further his personal political purposes, peppering his image on city property and laying claim to citizens’ property (The Mayor’s Gallery, The Mayor’s Music and Art Series, The Mayor’s Hike Bike and Paddle, The Mayor’s Mile, The Mayor’s Give a Day, etc.)


Paid for by Jackie Green


Kids speaking out on Louisville's surface parking lots.
Louisville's land use determines Louisville's future.
For the past 60 years Louisville has been steadily denigrating our urban core. That must be reversed, quickly.

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