LEO follows Courier Journal re: Fischer

“OK, Greg…  you’ve got one more crack at it. One last chance to do something radical. One last chance to prove that you aren’t a corporate Democrat who means well, but does… I’m not entirely sure, outside of keeping donors happy… The West End …. Devote people and resources to it. Stop just crossing your fingers and hoping that Junior Bridgeman does it for you. … improve services, make community policing mean policing for the community…. Talk is cheap and promises evaporate in the slimy and convoluted world of politics…We’ve been dancing around declaring Louisville a Sanctuary City for long enough… back up that statement with a stricter policy — something like: no officer assistance for ICE unless a violent crime is in the process of being committed…. declare Louisville a Sanctuary City. Let’s stand in solidarity with the other cities…. The effects of climate change are upon us, putting us at risk for catastrophic flooding. Flash flooding in particular is an increasingly serious threat to public safety for neighborhoods inside the Watterson Expressway, where the combined sewer system is rapidly overwhelmed during heavy rain events. MSD has begun updating this essential infrastructure, but progress is not keeping pace with our warming planet…. decrease the volume of stormwater entering the drainage system through the use of green infrastructure. Public Works could replace swaths of asphalt and concrete with permeable pavers….  increase green space acreage and naturalized areas, especially wetlands. We need ordinances and initiatives that will equip and empower individuals and businesses to install rain gardens, cisterns, and green roofs on private property. That’s all going to take bold leadership. Be a leader, Mayor Fischer….  solve food deserts… and grow the local food economy…. We can’t eat bourbon…  develop markets for regional farmers….Cool the heat island… We need a real tree ordinance, one that protects more than trees on rights of ways…. relieve the strain on our water and sewer infrastructure…. Louisville can be a leader in the region…. Do more for the homeless… truly become the compassionate city he’s (Fischer has) proclaimed it to be…. sanction encampments, tiny homes, more transitional housing….”

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