Courier Journal

The Courier Journal’s editorial echoed our mayoral campaign.  Quoting the editorial:
“It’s time to take risks….It is time to craft an aggressive, detailed vision for Louisville….But, Mr Mayor, now is the time for a truly daring new chapter. There is much work ahead if Louisville is to compete with such regional neighbors as Indianapolis, Nashville and Cincinnati. These cities are attracting thousands more 25-to-35-year-olds than Louisville. These are the smart and talented people that we need….This is not the time for incremental thinking or measured approaches. We need big dreams and bold ideas. Now is the time to take chances and lead. Louisville needs a jolt. We need innovative moves related to public transportation….Under his watch, changes have not come fast enough…. If we are to attract more young people and more desirable businesses, if we are to compete with our neighbors, we must move more swiftly. We can’t take the long view. We need major change. Now.”


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