Thank you, platform supporters

A sincere ‘Thank You!!’ to all supporters of the policies and priorities represented in our platform. Thank you. And take heart. Louisville is more ready to address climate instability than the election results suggest. Consider the numbers of WLKY’s chart below in relation to:
1. Fischer raised $1.5 million in the five months previous the election. Our campaign expenditures consisted of a couple of TARC tickets purchased. Do the ‘dollars per vote’ math. Our campaign trounced Fischer’s.
2. Our campaign was denied the opportunity to share the podium with Fischer in the mayoral forums/debates.
3. While media followed Fischer’s every step, our campaign received major media coverage only in protest.
4. Many voted for Fischer,  fearing their vote would give Trump, McConnell and Bevin a Republican mayor.
5. Many supportive citizens were silent during the campaign, unable to stand in opposition to Fischer.
6. Fischer re-surfaced every road he could find the two months before the election.
Again, thank you. There will be a 2022 mayoral candidate committed to recreating Louisville as the most sustainable city in North America.


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