Fischer’s Fish Tales, Fables and Fibs

A few of Fischer’s fish tales, fables and fibs follow.

ECONOMY (“jobs, jobs, jobs”)
. Fischer’s use of data and numbers are out of sync with the Courier Journal reports that Louisville is falling behind our peer cities on economic measures and in recruiting talented youth.
. Fischer’s pride in his distribution jobs ignores the fact that the low pay makes it necessary for many citizens to hold down three “jobs, jobs, jobs” to make ends meet.
. Fischer’s crown jewel (the OMNI) was less of an economic victory than it was a surrender of too much public treasure, too much public land and too much architectural heritage.
. Fischer’s touting of local economic successes ignores the fact that cities across the US are experiencing greater successes.

. Tearing down homeless camps before establishing an official homeless campsite is not compassionate.
. Trying to force a biodigester on the west end is not compassionate.
. Avoiding the term ‘sanctuary city’, calling the term ‘a politicized discussion’ shows no compassion for those fleeing violence and poverty.
. Allowing American Synthetic Rubber to release carcinogens shows no compassion for ASR’s neighbors.
. Allowing AirBNBs to take permanent housing off the market shows no compassion for a community in need of housing.
. Denying public transportation to the marginalized by redirecting TARC routes for street events shows no compassion.
. Putting affordable housing on the remote edge of the county with insufficient public transit, isolates people depending on old cars, showing no compassion.
. Extending remote new roads, bridges, sewers and water lines (for the benefit of land speculators) shows no compassion to depressed neighborhoods in need of infrastructure improvements.
. Imposing the monument to the Confederate soldier on the black community of Brandenburg shows no compassion for that community.
. Tolerating a high murder rate without challenging the state’s open carry law shows no compassion.

. Fischer refused to join other mayors in signing a letter to the EPA insisting that air standards be maintained.
. Fischer allowed American Synthetic Rubber to release more carcinogens into a stressed community.
. Fischer did not challenge the state’s war on solar, assuring more emissions from coal and fracted gas.
. Fischer refuses to reduce fine particulate matter and motor emissions by not reducing the 33 million miles this community drives daily.
. Fischer touts a Dixie Highway fake ‘bus rapid transit system’ that is designed to fail, rather than make easier, quicker, less expensive changes to TARC assured to transform not only Louisville’s transportation system, but also our land use.
. Fischer did not join the mayors of Cincinnati and Evansville in promoting standards be maintained regarding discharges into the Ohio River.
. Fischer refuses to clean up the impound lot’s vehicle fluid discharges into Beargrass Creek.
. Fischer refuses to calm and reduce urban traffic, eliminating the need for a large impound lot and the accompanying vehicle fluid discharges.
. Fischer refuses to take measures eliminating surface parking lots and the resultant flooding.
. Fischer refuses to take measures eliminating surface parking lots and the resultant urban heat island.
. Fischer allows the destruction of farms, fields, forests and flood plains for the new schemes of land speculators.
. Fischer shifts responsibility to the public for tree planting.
. Fischer refuses to challenge the billboard industry.
. Fischer did not oppose the loss of trees around Bowman Field.

. Fischer hides his Derby party lists, his SCALA association, his Amazon bid and other details unseen that we can only ponder.

. Fischer claims successes in dealing with vacant property as half of the properties sold through the Land Bank since 2010 are now vacant.

. The Dixie Hwy line is not a true BRT.
. The buses have no dedicated lanes, so they will be stuck with all the cars in the same slow jams.
. The line’s route is too long.
. The route has too few buses.
. The on-board-bus fare system is three years late in implementation for technical reasons, there is no reason to be optimistic about the technical systems of the
. The Dixie Hwy ‘BRT’ Lite will fail to meet expectations.

. Fischer’s promised urban grocery at OMNI never materialized.

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