Censorship shields Fischer

Darcy Costello’s report in the Courier Journal (link below) states well the issue of censorship surrounding the League of Women Voters mayoral forum/s. That censorship must be addressed, but my focus is on Greg Fischer’s failures and the inconsistencies between his statements and his policies. Those failures and inconsistencies deserve a public forum.  My vision of reshaping Louisville as the most sustainable city in North America also deserves a public discussion. Greg Fischer has a mantra, “jobs, jobs, jobs” (the Courier Journal has documented the weakness of his economic efforts). But he has no vision of how Louisville will face the challenges of climate change. As climate change alters the economies of the world, the nation, the state and of Louisville, Fischer’s “jobs, jobs, jobs” will evaporate. Greg Fischer is not preparing Louisville to face a low carbon economy. He hides behind his Office of Sustainability and his Chief Resilience Officer without  equipping the city to reduce our contribution to climate change. His ‘climate change mitigation’ skirts the need to minimize climate change. Louisville must play a leadership role, leading other cities in slowing climate change. The LWV forum must not be allowed to censor this public discussion by giving Greg Fischer prime time audience as the voice that addresses our most critical issue, climate change, is swept off-line.



2 thoughts on “Censorship shields Fischer

  1. Speaking of censorship, I assume my suggestion won’t be deleted. To be a true bicycle advocate, try to follow the rules of the road. I’m okay with running stop signs, but on 10/17 I witnessed a certain mayoral candidate ride between the lanes to jump traffic at grinstead, then ride on the sidewalk to do the same at eastern Pkwy. Tom Owens never pulled such stunts. Probably because he recognizes recklessness.


    1. Good morning, Joey. Thanks. When motor vehicles no longer have exhaust pipes cyclists might consider hanging out behind them. Until then, cyclists should take care of their lungs by moving to the front of the line of cars, trucks and buses.


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