More Fischer Secrets

To the secretive SCALA group, the secretive Derby guest list and the LMPD Explorer sex secrets, Fischer adds another secret. Insider reports that “Mayor Greg Fischer intends to appeal a judge’s ruling last month that ordered the city to release the incentive proposal it submitted last year to Amazon, which attempted to convince the company to locate its new headquarters in Louisville.”

Will we find out that he offered too much to Amazon as he did in giving OMNI too much city land, city treasure and a free hand in destroying our architectural heritage? His ‘trade secret’ argument falls flat when other cities have released their incentive proposals. But Fischer is intent on spending more money in court to keep his secrets.

A Green administration would have proposed that Amazon come participate in the recreation of Louisville as a sustainable city. We would have invited them to help create Louisville as the most sustainable city in North America. Enough of ‘giving away the store’ to attract investment. Companies who want to play a part in a regenerative vision will invest in a sustainable Louisville. Those looking for a handout can go elsewhere.  see (Economic Plan post)

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