? Healthy Louisville ?

Fischer refused to join other mayors in calling on the EPA to set stricter smog standards. He did not join other mayors in opposing the relaxation of Ohio River pollution standards as proposed by ORSANCO (Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission). He has done nothing significant to reduce the 33 million miles we drive daily. He has done nothing significant to increase walking as a major form of transportation.

Yet he asks for input on how to make Louisville healthier. His ‘Healthy Louisville 2025’ kickoff is as vacuous as his ‘Bike Kick-Off’. A mayor that welcomes bicycling reduces and calms urban traffic. A mayor that supports health nurtures cleaner air, purer water and a lifestyle of walking.

As long as Fisher ignores the basics, his ‘Healthy Louisville 2025’ kickoff is another in a long list of empty PR events.


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