Abandoned vehicles, Bardstown Rd, impound lot,…

Sunday’s Courier Journal, front page, above the fold: abandoned cars overflowing our streets and the impound lot….then on page 4: traffic changes to Bardstown Rd. The city’s proposals will not solve our motor vehicle problems. The solution is found in calming and reducing traffic while increasing public transit service.
The abandoned vehicle problem can be solved with a change of law allowing the city to quickly dispose of (crush or sell) abandoned vehicles. Perhaps vehicle owners should put up a “security deposit” forfeited by bad behavior. Those rotating “security deposits” could be escrowed with TARC to increase urban public transit.
The rush-hour problem will not be solved by the city’s proposal to eliminate the rush-hour lanes and retain on street parking on Bardstown Rd. The result will be a rush-hour nightmare for drivers and TARC users. The solution is to dedicate the outermost lanes as bus/fire/EMS/police lanes. The inner lanes will slow to a safe crawl. Drivers will then consider riding the buses they see flying past in the dedicated bus lanes. The buses should turn back toward town six miles from First and Main Streets, acknowledging that the exurbs are hopelessly car dependent. That reduction of route length will multiply TARC service where it is most needed. Bardstown Rd, and other roads given the same advantages, will become transit rich and pedestrian friendly. Build parking garages at Mid City and Oxmoor malls and watch the city recreate itself as a transportation and land use smart city.

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