Bypass Louisville and destroy nature

The state is researching a plan to build a new 50 mile interstate from I-65 in Bullitt County, passing through Spencer and Shelby Counties, and ending at I-71 in Oldham County, completely bypassing Louisville. A $2 million budget has already been allocated to look into the idea.
Instead of investing in urban public transit and regional passenger rail, the state and our city leadership (current and past): 1) wasted funds on two new Ohio River bridges, a tunnel, ramps, highway widenings and extensions, and 2) are currently blowing $91 million widening Gene Snyder.  Not having gained any perspective on future sustainable transportation, they now want a 50 mile Louisville-avoiding bypass.
The farms, fields, forests and floodplains destroyed by this proposal compound the denial of public transit services.
Jackie Green is on record opposing the bypass. LouisvilleByPass.PNG Source …

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