Fischer, Violence, CLOUT

Fischer’s refusal to discuss violence de-escalation with the leadership of CLOUT is yet another reason he should not occupy the mayor’s office. Louisville needs a mayor who will lead in de-escalating violence. Louisville’s mayor should reject the presence of firearms in our public spaces and insist that LMPD officers leave their firearms in cruisers until needed. Officers can retreat when faced with potential danger, giving everyone time to defuse tension. (A recent study of the 25 most dangerous jobs in America, published in USA Today, rated police officers at #14, behind pilots, roofers, garbage and recycling collectors, iron workers, truck drivers, farmers and ranchers, loggers, construction workers, landscapers, and mechanics. ).
The day after I stood, then marched, then stood for four hours in rain at the recent gun control march, I watched two armed officers in the alley behind my house looking for someone who stole a couple bags of garden mulch. There is no justification in the pursuit of two bags of garden mulch by two armed officers. There is no justification for officers routinely showing up at neighborhood association meetings, in ours libraries, in our parks, etc. with lethal arms. It is not on relating to the NRA that black parents instruct their youth, but to police and armed security guards. Nearly every week we hear a variation on the shooting of a ‘young man holding a cell phone in his grandmother’s backyard’. The mayor’s office must lead in creating a peaceful Louisville.

Non-violence is central to a sustainable world – non-violence toward each other, toward property and toward the natural world.

<> on July 26, 2012 in Washington, DC.

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