? Gun control rally pays for armed guards ?

The line ‘gun control rally pays for armed guards’ is worthy of Yogi Berra. But beyond the humor of it is an obvious irony, a weakening of the gun control argument, and an adult cowardice. Until we as adults stand up for our children they will continue to live in fear of assault. We see the same dynamic played out in the failure of adults to challenge the threat of motor vehicles in the urban commons (our streets, sidewalks, parks, alleys, schools and public spaces are all part of the commons). Just as adults are afraid to bicycle in the midst of other traffic, we are are afraid to rally for gun control without armed guards. It is time to challenge the violence of this culture.

In the past month I have attended docile public meetings where representatives from LMPD have also attended. To their sides were strapped firearms. LMPD can help send a message of peace to the community by not arming themselves in such venues. Leave the arms in the cruiser until approaching real danger.

In this next month we will experience Thunder Over Louisville – a noisy celebration of violent strength. Louisville should embrace peace. We should not let our festival be the recruitment tool of this violence. (Minimally we should demand that our veterans be restored to health before allowing our youth to be recruited.)


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