Big Business’ Favorite

Richard Nixon is quoted as having said “Businessmen aren’t worth a (tinker’s dam).” (His reference was fecal.) I have higher regard for business people, but the business community should not run the larger community, nor should they buy leadership’s actions, policies or ear. That the Courier Journal * identified Fischer as the favored recipient of SCALA membership contributions is not shocking, or even surprising, but it is worthy news. Fischer’s reticence to take a firm stand against coal and natural gas as they gut the solar industry, his reticence to oppose the destruction of farm, field and forest by speculators, and his refusal to embrace the redesign of urban transportation clearly illustrate big business’ influence on his policies. We must get big money out of politics. There is no “Contribute” button on our website. Our campaign is banking on the public support of our values, our policies, and our vision. We are not banking on the size of our political war chest. We are counting on individuals telling others of our campaign. We are also counting on media to focus on policy, vision and values. Of late there have been several media reports that suggest we will see more of that focus. Thank you, media.
* https:/

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