Fischer – secret SCALA member

“The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”  Patrick Henry

Greg Fischer should not, as mayor, also be a member of any group that meets “in private for nearly a year without any public notice of its existence, without any public meetings and without any public input” to determine the direction of Louisville. The Steering Committee for Action on Louisville’s Agenda (SCALA) is wrong on several levels. SCALA’s membership is nowhere near representative of the population of Louisville. The membership was a guarded secret until pressed by media to divulge.  SCALA membership excludes JCPS personnel, while inviting the state to take over JCPS and while promoting privatization of our public schools. SCALA consorts with the Bellwether group pushing for-profit education at the expense of traditional public schools. SCALA did not invite the participation of University of Louisville interim President Greg Postel, Jefferson Community and Technical College President Ty Handy or Jefferson County Public Education Foundation Executive Director Sam Corbett, yet did invite private school leadership. The membership was willing to allow Walmart to violate community standards. SCALA’s  focus on non-stop flights should be directed to getting passenger rail service to Louisville. SCALA’s relationship with the state should revolve around the decades old fact that Louisville gets back $0.50 on every $1.00 we send to Frankfort, and that $0.50 comes back to us with strings attached.

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