Salt/Surface Parking Lots/Poisoned Water

The water-poisoning salt on surface parking lots at First/Second and Main/Market says so much about land use, lack of respect for water, car dependency, sorry public transit, the lack of bold leadership, etc..  If we would reduce and calm urban traffic, and focus public transit in our urban and near-neighborhood core: 1) the owner of that lot would redevelop the lot vertically for residential and commercial use, 2) less salt (and automotive fluids) would go into the creeks, 3) the city would be cooler in the summer, 4) flooding problems would be fewer, 5) more people and businesses would move back to town, 6) we would be healthier, 7) we would experience fewer wrecks, 8) the city would need a much smaller impound lot, etc..

photo1 (2)

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