Industrial slurry and dust

Why permit the cement plants to needlessly deposit slurry on Frankfort Avenue and Campbell Street? The slurry flows into the sewer (MSD) and makes its way into Beargrass Creek. When the slurry dries it goes airborne as a fine dust (APCD). An on-site concrete truck-wash/material-capture system will keep the slurry on-site. Still, two larger questions loom. First, the cement plant location is in the hundred year floodplain. Secondly, the cement plants are becoming even more out-of-place in the midst of the Butchertown neighborhood, botanical gardens, Waterfront Park, RiverPark Place, the soccer stadium, etc.. A freedom of information act (FOIA) request to APCD (dust) and MSD (ream/pump/dig out the drains and pipes) might be helpful.

If we hope to attract sustainability minded businesses and people, we must prove we are committed.

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