Murder Rate

“If we do not break last year’s homicide record, I predict that (Mayor Greg Fischer) will claim victory,” Angela Leet (candidate for Louisville Mayor) said. “But, tolerating the loss of over 100 victims to violence cannot be accepted as Louisville’s new normal.” (Phillip Bailey, Courier Journal, 29 Nov)

Yes, Angela Leet is correct – Fischer will wrongly claim victory over our murder rate if we do not exceed last year’s number. This and other violences we inflict are part of our violent culture. Nurturing a violent culture results in acts of violence. We must address the violence of our movies, videos, sports, poverty, domestic relations, transportation, earth destruction, material abuse. Reap and sow.

Last year the Louisville area broke records for both traffic and pedestrian fatalities. This year’s transportation fatalities are challenging the 2016 records. This is a violence we can avoid – Vision Zero.

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