Homeless and Climate Refugees

Tent at E. Market & Hancock Street. No Trespassing signs around the corner urges ‘campers’ to contact the Coalition for the Homeless. With the pressures already on the Coalition is Metro sending the ‘campers’ on a goose chase? passing the buck? Both tent and signs are in the shadows of NULU and UofL Nucleus. Yes, we need more affordable housing, but should Metro also establish an official ‘camp ground’ for the homeless who cannot find Coalition or other indoor shelter?

Many of the homeless are customers at our bike shop. They are not a homogeneous group. Some stay in shelters, some in the woods, some on the streets. Some wrestle with sanity, some are saner than me. The reasons for their homelessness are extremely varied.

There is no compassion in destroying camps without designating an official / sanctioned camp. There is also no compassion in letting the homeless trash the city and intimidate citizens in the commons.

Much is made of the need for proximity to services. Many of the homeless are veterans. Brings to mind the selection of Brownsboro Rd for the new VAHospital.

As more climate refugees are created within and beyond the borders the USA, this question of affordable housing and homelessness is going to become much bigger. Louisville must do everything possible to slow climate change and prepare for it.



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