GLI greenwashes, again

Yesterday’s post regarding GLI’s disappointing legislative agenda is confirmed. GLI is greenwashing, again. WFPL’s Roxanne Scott reported the highlights of GLI’s environment, energy, transportation and infrastructure agenda (below). GLI, like the mayor, has no sense that Metro Louisville needs to install solar panels on Metro owned properties, no sense that Louisville needs a huge commitment to public transit, no sense that our water/sewer infrastructure needs the removal of surface parking lots, no sense of the folly of land use policies encouraging the destruction of farms, fields and forests. Both, GLI and the mayor, are greenwashing, again.

From WFPL report:
Environment & Energy
Investment In Energy Infrastructure – Development of “green” infrastructure, including green building construction and rehabilitation, green roofs, and the expansion of tree cover in urban areas through partnerships and incentives, is critical to Louisville’s growth and future quality of place.
Transportation & Infrastructure
Investment In Quality Water & Sewer Infrastructure – To avoid catastrophic loss and damage, resources are needed to repair and modernize the Louisville and Jefferson County’s flood Protection System. Storm water conservation efforts such as pervious pavement should also be included in these efforts.

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