Dan Johnson, please, go away

Update: It is unfortunate Dan Johnson was removed, not for the offending behavior, but for breaking the negotiated agreement.

Original post: According to the terms of the settlement with Metro Council, Dan Johnson “admits to both transgressions and wrongdoings and stipulates that there is sufficient evidence against him warranting removal”. It is regrettable, first and foremost, that Johnson’s behavior is what it is. It is also regrettable that he has not demonstrated the character to exit without dragging the city through his mud. It is regrettable that state law concerning the removal process jeopardizes the swift and efficient administration of the removal hearing. Regrettable that the removal process could have cost taxpayers $100,000. Regrettable that the slow removal process would have permitted Johnson to extend the fight through next year, when his term ends. Regrettable that Metro Council had no good options.  Regrettable that the settlement seemed the best of bad options. Regrettable that, once again, we are distracted from the important work of creating a sustainable city.

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