Resisting policies, part of a revolution

“Prosecutors have dropped two traffic violations against bicyclist Jackie Green, who has for two years fought charges of running a red light and blocking motor vehicles by not using a designated bike lane.” James Bruggers, Courier Journal
Bicycles in the travel lane are Louisville’s the best traffic calming tool.
Challenging the traffic charges and Metro’s bicycle policies is part of a larger urban transportation revolution. Sustainable cities are not dominated by private passenger motor vehicles.  Beyond the urban transportation changes, Louisville needs changes in land use, energy use, and energy generation. Deep, pervasive shifts in urban Louisville, not incremental changes, can result in our becoming one of the world’s most sustainable cities. This transformation, this revolution will encourage local talent and businesses to invest locally, and draw remote talent and businesses to join in the recreation of Louisville. The issue of our time is climate change. We must meet this challenge.

Jackie is challenging Metro’s transportation model, not only in fighting the two bicycling charges, but also in his role in reforming Metro’s impound lot management.

Beyond this revolution in urban transportation, in land use, in energy use, and in energy generation we need a revolution in politics that rejects the influence of money in elections and governance. Media can help get money out of politics by not comparing bank accounts of campaigns and by covering issues rather than treating elections as a horse race.

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