Another Summit Charade

Metro Louisville is sponsoring yet another Sustainability Summit.  The keynote speaker, Vanessa Keith, “assumes we are not going to be able to stop what we have already triggered (the ugly results of global warming). Neither the population nor the political institutions are making the necessary efforts.”
Tragically, she may be correct. “The necessary efforts” have not been made by Metro’s leadership. Conferences, studies, media events, ribbon cuttings, programs, summits, etc. are not “the necessary efforts”. A municipal power company and transportation / land use reform are “necessary efforts”.
Over a decade ago another keynote speaker, this one from the Brookings Institution, informed Metro Louisville from a podium in the convention center, that Louisville must make it possible for citizens to live easily without a car. To meet that goal requires land use and transportation reform, neither of which we have begun.
Given the Fischer administration’s record and Fischer’s lack of commitment in meeting the challenges of climate change, Metro’s hosting another Sustainability Summit is at best a charade.

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