Passport Health relocating to West End

East End corporation moves to urban Louisville. This is what we need….

From the Courier-Journal: “One of Louisville’s leading health management companies plans to relocate its corporate headquarters to the West End and will develop the long-vacant 18th Street and Broadway site, where many residents and city officials had previously hoped a Wal-Mart superstore would be built.

Four sources who either have been briefed on the negotiations or have intimate knowledge of its details told the Courier-Journal that Passport Health Plan, a Medicaid managed care organization, is expected to announce Wednesday morning that it plans to move to the former Philip Morris site.

Passport spokesman Michael Rabkin confirmed that the company is poised to make a “good announcement” this week, but he declined to share details. He said the health care company is “constantly evaluating our efforts and our infrastructure to ensure” it is meeting the needs of its members and providing employees a good place to work.

“We’re a growing company and we anticipate a lot more growth, and we’re committed to Kentucky and to Louisville,” Rabkin said.

Mayor Greg Fischer’s office declined to comment.

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