Louisville is not ready to face the 21st century.

Louisville is not ready to face the 21st century.  And we are already 17 years into that century. We are not taking action to minimize global climate change. Neighborhoods have failed or are failing. Citizens are despairing, killing each other with guns and drugs at record numbers. Our remote warehouse economy pays poorly. Food insecurity threatens too many. Our convention economy, in a non-walkable city, is not accessible by passenger rail, nor do we have a plan to link Louisville to Cincinnati, Nashville, Saint Louis, and Indianapolis by passenger rail. We are losing our historical identity as we bulldoze dozens of historic structures.  Surface parking lots are over-heating downtown. We are not resisting state intervention in our local schools. Our land use and transportation systems are straight out of the 1960s. We are afraid to use the word “sanctuary”. We have lost both urban grocery stores. We have made no improvement in TARC service. Too much of our urban soil is contaminated. We are not reducing our community’s dependence on fossil fuels. We are losing 54,000 trees a year and still have no comprehensive tree ordinance. Pedestrians and motorists are dying on our streets at record numbers as we refuse to take simple, inexpensive traffic calming measures. The commons are filthy. Our air is laden with fine particulate and we had unhealthy smog levels on 19 days in 2016. We give away too much to out of town corporations. We are not proactive on the location of the VA Hospital. We have too few solar panels on city properties. We tolerate the recruitment of our children as the military breaks the health of our veterans. We continue to promote sprawl to the east end and southern Indiana. We are not seeking a return of more of the tax dollars sent to Frankfort. General public health is poor. We are not effectively creating affordable housing. Louisville is not ready to face the 21st century.

Louisville needs a mayor who is committed to making the changes that will meet the challenges of this century.

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