Louisville’s grade on Going Green? C, at best

Fischer and Louisville are not making the grade according to the Courier-Journal article “Green City”, by reporter James Brugger,  2 April 2017.

“…after examining such factors as transportation, water and air quality and climate, the Courier-Journal’s review finds the city’s overall environmental performance a C at best.”

On Fischer:

“He is so impressively good at talking the talk, but he’s not as good at walking the walk. We are hearing climate talk, but are not seeing action.” (Sarah Lynn Cunningham)

“…not done as much as other city mayors.” (Tim Darst)

Louisville is “heating up faster…than any other major city in the country”, “had unhealthy smog levels on 19 days in 2016”,  has “local waterways (that) aren’t safe for swimming”, is “losing 54,000 trees a year” and “still lacks a comprehensive tree ordinance.”

And while Louisville’s overall grade is C, Louisville’s transportation grade is D.


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